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The powerhouse, Don Piper behind tunes such as LDZ's ‘Lima Delta Zebra’, Dirty Dike’s ‘Dumb’, Dabbla’s ‘Cardio’ is now stepping into his solo career and making all genres of music. With his new single “GET GOT”, Don is making his impact in dubstep, bass music, hip-hop & halftime DnB even stronger.

In Don Piper’s own words, “This song was my step into different tempos and frequencies. I wanted to show something more minimal and bass heavy than some of my usual stuff and give some variety. Technically this joint was a joy to make and I felt committed the whole time. Originally started as a tune for Bailey’s Brown of Dedw8, but decided to go with the instrumental release for it instead.” 


Artwork by Calgary based digital artist MueseuM

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