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about 4NC¥

4NC¥ is a platform for incredible artists and connects scenes from around the world. With so much societal division and now heavy restrictions on travel, breaking these boundaries and subversion through unity is even more important now than ever before. 4NC¥ is about facilitating meaningful exchange for artists to break new ground with their careers on a global scale.

Established in 2020 by Pavan Mukhi, a founding member of the UK hip-hop crew, Foreign Beggars, 4NC¥ is a global platform and network for underground musicians and visual artists dedicated to breaking records from new talent and seasoned artists alike with a focus on cross-pollination of Indian and international artists through collaborative projects.

Weekly releases will feature curated artwork from both aspiring and well-known visual artists, helping to create an identity that goes beyond the audio. 4NC¥ releases will encompass a wealth of genres, including lo-fi, hip-hop, trap, grime, 160, jungle/drum & bass, and selective house, techno and future soul/r&b.



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