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GNARLY’s double A sided single called ‘Loving Dream / Dimensional Travel’ is a dive into the Soulful Hip-Hop & Electronica world. GNARLY’s passion and drive for music production crystallises with this release. The double A sided single is produced using her iconic finger drumming style & penchant for genre-bending futuristic beats.

‘Loving Dream’ sees the London born, Florida brewed artist Isaac B express love in all its shapes and sizes through his poetry and voice while GNARLY’s layered beats hold space for manifesting magic. Isaac B is known for his freestyle prowess. Combining alternative earthy poetic Hip-Hop lyricism flipping between subtle meditative sultry vibes and trap eclectic sonic backdrops.

‘Dimensional Travel’ made in collab with the Dubai/Alanya based producer, songwriter & Dj Bangzy, flaunts his style of vocal chops and heavy distorted drums over GNARLY’s melodic synths. Both GNARLY & Bangzy showcase their sound and aesthetic with a unique sense of identity and class to their production. 

Artwork comes courtesy the Brazilian/Mexican artist Fefe Talavera

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