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PAV4N is one of the first Indian rappers to have forged a prolific, uncompromising and worldwide career with his band Foreign Beggars. Name checked at the Grammys, playing every major festival there is and hitting the UK Top Ten charts, PAV4N has been responsible for introducing wave after wave of underground music onto the world.

After the highly influential multi-genre group parted ways at the end of 2019, PAV4N is now set to unleash new music and visual content through a fresh solo project. The project as a whole sees PAV4N enter a more creatively rewarding space, reconnecting with his cultural and Hip Hop roots, culminating in a convergence of artistic vision and self development. Billed as a living art piece, PAV4N describes it as 'The reality of forging a unique path in music, art and the life of a perpetual foreigner'

The aesthetics are rooted in Indian mythology, principally the facets of blue-skinned deities that subvert oppressive and stagnant mindsets and affect change on their own terms; Krishna for his mischievousness, Kali and Shiva for their raw power, defying the accepted norms and challenging traditional gender roles. Collaborations are key to the project - cutting edge tattoo artists, cinematographers, dancers, fashion and graphic designers have all been conscripted on this creative mission.

Humanitarian goals are intrinsic to PAV4N’s ethos and he has already crowdfunded 4 wells for regions of the world that are in drought, explaining: 'I understand all too well the desire to help but not trusting the traditional NGO Models have found a way to go directly to the source alongside the charity Drop4Drop. Knowing that I am not alone in wanting to help inspired me to make it easy for people to help.” See projects at


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